Mexico City 



Illustrator ✷ Tattoo artist ✷ Painter

Ann Ahoy is a German artist currently living and working in Mexico City.
Her work is characterised by surreal, atmospheric compositions with bold colors and solid shapes. Often through play with allegories, they explore themes of identity, transformation, pop culture and human nature.

After studying Visual Arts in Berlin and Melbourne, Ann graduated at the »Weißensee Academy of Art« in 2015 and moved to Mexico, where she completed her training as a tattooist and found her second home. In her tattoo designs she enjoys to work monochrome, pushing the boundaries of the colour black and what can be achieved with a simple line and dots.

Ann has been working as a Freelance Artist ever since, developing creative projects in Berlin, Melbourne, Bali, Oaxaca and Mexico City. She’s recently been featured on CAN — Cryptoartnfts.com.

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Studio Ann Ahoy 2020 — Berlin, Germany

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